Our History

Plows since 1900

Our History

The history of Scalmana begins in 1900, when it was founded by Luigi Scalmana; until the first world war he worked primarily in the area of maintenance of the tools used at the time, when the majority of farming operations and transport was entrusted to cattle. In the twenties, the advent of the first tractors in agriculture brought about the need to create specific tools and efficient. From a brilliant insight of Luigi Scalmana, was developed in 1922, the first reversible plow coupled to the tractor, perfected and patented in 1926. Another milestone in the company’s growth is marked since 1938, with the realization in the house Scalmana of the first reversible plow with lifting and rotation controlled by a pneumatic system controlled directly from the tractor.

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Over the years the company has gradually expanded its range, producing front loaders, manure loaders, handling equipment of products intended for cattle in the stables of the mountain. during eighties and nineties Scalmana Costruzioni Meccaniche has created, in collaboration with the then Conama and the University of Milan and Ancona, a prototype of a harvesting machine for cotton brought from the tractor, groundbreaking for the sector and successfully tested for five consecutive years in Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey. Today, after 115 years and four generations, the company’s main business is focused on the production and the continuing development of tools dedicated to the primary processing of the ground, innovating and constantly updating its range of plows according to the needs of its customers.

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